Automotive accessories from ACPS Automotive add comfort and convenience to turn your car into a versatile companion on the highway leading to your destinations and desires. We work closely with the automotive industry to develop and produce high-quality accessories and components for virtually every model. But highly functional products of outstanding quality are only the beginning. We also ensure our customers rapid availability and continuous delivery. Tried-and-tested technology, an intense commitment to quality and outstanding product design characterize everything we do. Our potential for evolving innovative solutions is reflected in more than 150 patents.

Trailer hitches

ACPS Automotive is a leading manufacturer of trailer couplings for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

Vehicle modules/parts

ACPS Automotive not only develops its own products, we also produce series automobile parts for others, such as flexible spacer sleeves. We also manufacture automotive equipment such as drive-linkage modules that make it easy to operate trunk lids on convertibles.