Ecology is a Way of Life

As a partner of the automobile industry, we support our customers in their efforts to protect the environment.
Our environmentally friendly production proces- ses deliver uniformly high quality and efficiency.

The concept of sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Environmental and recycling considerations enter the design process right from the start, in the product development phase.

Our intelligent solutions for lightweight construction make a significant contribution to the weight optimization of automobiles, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Our global responsibility to the environment obligates us to strive for continuous improvement in production processes.

We observe aspects such as resource consumption, waste management, and emissions during the early planning stages and monitor these items with a system of key performance indicators.

We contract certification companies to evaluate the performance of our process system and our success in increasing sustainability.

The ACPS Automotive environmental management system is based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Our environmental policies are defined in mandatory directives:

1. Environmental protection is part of our corporate goals. Environmentally-orientated corporate governance will contribute to securing the future of the environment and business.

2. The research and development as well as the production of our products are environmentally friendly and resource-orientated.

3. We drive consciousness about the ??environmental protection within the supply chain.

4. We strengthen environmental awareness among our employees and inform the public about our activities to protect the environment.